Funsize Physics

Funsize Physics is a collection of physics-related information in the form of research posts and classroom activities, contributed by renowned experts in their respective fields. Funsize Physics funded by the National Science Foundation to help students better understand the physical world around them.

Dr. Brettmann contributed a research post about stimuli-responsive polyelectrolyte brushes and how to create nanoscale octopus structures from the polymer brushes. Read it here.

Dr. Brettmann was featured on Funsize Physics in June 2017. She presented a classroom activity on using a laser pointer to measure the thickness of hair.  Read her post here.


Dr. Brettmann is involved in manufacturing community partnerships in Northwest Georgia, including Floor 360 (http://www.floor360.org/) and the Alliance for Innovation in Sustainability (http://www.floor360.org/ais/). These organizations bring together partners from business, local government and academia to support growth and sustainability of manufacturing communities and are part of the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership program from the US Department of Commerce.