April 12, 2018: Brettmann Lab was very well represented at the MSE Poster Competition. Our undergraduates Grace and Riddhi won first and second place respectively in the undergraduate poster category!

March 26, 2018: Dr. Brettmann was featured as a guest columnist in Pharmaceutical Online: Read the article here.

March 26, 2018: Undergraduate student Sisira Saraswatula received the PURA award for 2018 from Georgia Tech. We are very excited to have her doing research with us this summer!

March 14, 2018: Dr. Brettmann’s work on pharmaceuticals is profiled in the Georgia Tech College of Engineering News,

February 13, 2018: Dr. Brettmann’s patent “Composite bearings having a polyamide matrix” was granted (US Patent Number 9,890,298).

December 12, 2017: Dr. Brettmann’s research on Polyelectrolyte Brushes is featured in Research Horizons.

December 6, 2017: Hera Health student entrepreneurs working in the Brettmann Lab present their project at the I2P Showcase for the Create-X programAugust 29, 2017: Riddhi Patel presented her work on electrospinning of nanofiber-particle composites at the Undergraduate Research Fair.June 21, 2017: Blair Brettmann’s classroom activity to use a laser pointer to measure the thickness of your hair is hosted on Funsize Physics. Read it here.February 3, 2017: Dr. Brettmann’s publication on “Comparing solvophobic and multivalent induced collapse in polyelectrolyte brushes” was published in Macro Letters.January 17, 2017: Dr. Brettmann’s publication on “Lateral structure formation in polyelectrolyte brushes induced by multivalent ions” was published in Macromolecules.